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Hacked By Bl4ck Punisher "Hacker From Lebanon"

Madness, horrors, killings... Why are you rejecting the Fault over Muslims ?

Stop Blaming ISLAM For All Those False Flags Done By The Zionists , The British Empire And The Empires Around The World , The Illuminati , Freemasons , Evil Sects , Special Evil Agencies Of usa , Europe And Israel , The Governments And Whatever... Islam Was Never The Reason For The First World War , Never The Reason For The Second World War , It Will Not Be The Reason For The The Third World War... Islam Was Also Not Responsible For 9-11 Or In London , Moscow , Munich Or Now In France...Please Stay Real And Dont Get Twisted By Those Fake And Manipulated Media Cooporations Which Are Spreading Lies 24 Hours A Day...

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